Angry Dwarf

This mighty dwarf is tired of working in an office! So he went out with an old pick axe and ha started digging to try and find gold and riches!. Help this grumpy dwarf to find the riches he seeks….and maybe more!


This game will be released by the end of October. But you can access the alpha version of the game if you become one of our beta testers! Sign up today.

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3 Moves

3 moves (Prototype)

This is the first of our prototypes for the game we will be making once the Angry Dwarf game is finished. The game will be played in multiple scenarios with varying sizes and obstacles, where the objective is to get from point A to point B without dying and in the least possible amount of turns. The player will have a limited number of possible moves at his disposal and he will not be able to use the same move twice in a row. Each “move” will be represented by a character or class.


The platforms supported for this game are still up for discussion, we are considering portability vs play-ability. What do you think? Would it be better to play this kind of game in mobile? An small screen you can take anywhere? Or would it be better fitted to play with mouse. Get in touch with us and let us know your opinion!

Space Miner

Space Mining (Prototype)

This is the second of our prototypes for the game we will be making once the Angry Dwarf game is finished. This is a partially-open source game which is set on a vivid and imaginative space world. Players have their own spaceship and they navigate in the space to collect mining resources and do trading between planets and other players. Players are encouraged to develop and design their own planets to enrich space.


This game would be developed for desktops.

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